Rise Above Plastics

Galveston TX ‘Bring The Bag’ Campaign

The Galveston Chapter's Bring the Bag initiative strives to introduce a per transaction fee for single-use bags, with a percentage of the revenue going towards the business for administrative costs, and the remainder going into a city environmental fund for recycling programs, litter cleanup, and education. Promotion of reusable bags can help foster sustainable tourism in Galveston, is a great advertising tool for local businesses, and provides a great basis for youth educational programs. Single-use bag fees also provide a way for businesses to reduce their environmental footprint while saving money. Single-use bag fees or bans have recently been passed in Brownsville, South Padre Island, and Fort Stockton, with very positive results. These programs reduce litter, save businesses money in bag costs, and can increase business revenues from greater sales in reusable bags.


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  • Chapter:Galveston
  • State: TX
  • Country: USA
  • Theme: Rise Above Plastics
  • Launch Date: July 01 2011
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

Nicole Ekstrom galvestonsurfers@gmail.com