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Mid-Atlantic Ocean Planning

Working with the newly formed Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (RPB), Surfrider aims to secure spatial protections for priority ecological and recreational areas in the Mid-Atlantic. To put that in simpler language, Surfrider wants to protect your favorite coastal and ocean places in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

Surfrider's Objectives:

1. Collect and distribute credible spatial and economic data on non-consumptive coastal and ocean recreational use in the Mid-Atlantic. See Surfrider's data HERE! Click on "Recreation" to make the data appear on the map.

2. Represent non-consumptive recreation (e.g. surfing, diving, kayaking, beach going) on the MARCO/RPB Stakeholder Liaison Committee.

3. Reach out to other non-consumptive recreation groups for feedback on RPB processes and priority ecological and recreational areas.

4. Identify priority ecological and recreational areas in the Mid-Atlantic and build the case for their protection.

5. Provide outreach to agency staff, elected officials, stakeholders, media, and the public on the benefits of protecting priority ecological and recreational areas.

6. Coordinate grassroots engagement and advocacy to secure lasting protections for priority areas identified.

7. Support long-term monitoring and assessment efforts to inform on-going RPB planning efforts.

For more information on Regional Ocean Planning, visit our Surfrider Mid-Atlantic webpage.

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Send the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body an email ( telling them you want important recreational and ecological areas protected.

Attend one of their public meetings and let them know what you think!

Email your concerns to Matt Gove, Surfrider Foundation staff and member of the RPB's Stakelholder Liaison Committee.

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