Save South Kingston Coastline from Seawalls

A dozen or so structures were built too close to the shore in South Kingston, RI. They are now threatened by a rising ocean and a disappearing beach which also threatens the road. Town officials have asked the RI Dept of Transportation to put in a sheet pile wall (a form of seawall) to protect one of their beach roads. They have also asked the state's Coastal Resources Management Council, CRMC, to re-classify the entire area of coast from "Natural" to "Man-Made". This re-classification would likely allow each property owner to build their own seawall. The Chapter is against both measures and they seek a different solution to preserve the beach and protect or move private property. The Chapter sent letters to the CRMC on both issues. They retained a national expert and attended the hearings on the issue. For more on why seawalls are bad and why they make public beaches see the beachapedia article here http://www.beachapedia.org/Seawalls

  • Chapter:Rhode Island
  • State: RI
  • Country: USA
  • Theme: Coastal Preservation
  • Launch Date: September 01 2011
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

Contact the Chapter for more information:  ri@surfrider.org.