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Save Tybee’s Ocean Playground

Save Tybee’s Ocean Playground

To prevent significant wave and environmental degradation at Tybee Island that may result from the deposition of dredge spoils from Savannah Harbor


The Atlanta Chapter's Save Tybee's Ocean Playground (STOP) campaign is focused on stopping the dumping of sediment dredged from the Savannah Harbor in front of surf breaks at Tybee Island. Placement of dredge materials here could deteriorate the water quality and wave quality...or may kill waves altogether. Tybee Island hosts the only surf breaks in Georgia that are accessible via car, so this is a key area to protect for recreational use. Right now the chapter is awaiting the end of environmental review and plans to be ready to pounce once the project hits the permitting phase.

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  • Chapter:Georgia
  • State: GA
  • Country: USA
  • Theme: Coastal Preservation
  • Launch Date: December 31 2010
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

Clay Davidson - chair (at)