Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up


Chapter: Emerald Coast
State: FL
Country: USA
Theme: Beach Access
Launch Date: June 10 2010
Status: Active

The Emerald Coast Chapter was one of the first local volunteer organizations to begin a Gulf Beach Water Quality Monitoring Program in response to the minimal efforts made by state and federal agencies to monitor against the dangers of the offshore oil drilling spill. Local surfers and swimmers have suffered from burning eyes and mouths, blistering noses and have developed acid-type rashes since the spill. They want to know what is in the water that might be causing these symptoms. These samples are analyzed for the presence of several different hydrocarbons that are most likely to be found at Florida’s beaches this far away from the original spill site given the amount of time that has passed since the spill. The samples are also being tested for propylene glycol and 2-butoxyethanol, which are common ingredients of chemical dispersants, such as those used to break up the BP oil spill in the Gulf. We have also performed some follow-up testing for Corexit specific chemicals.