Hold on to Your Butts, Broward!


Chapter: Broward County
State: FL
Country: USA
Theme: Plastic Pollution
Launch Date: May 01 2014
Status: Active

After consistently finding cigarette butts to be the number one type of litter at beach cleanups, the Broward County Chapter has begun to implement several initiatives to combat cigarette butt litter on their beaches. The Chapter is working with local officials to facilitate the placement and maintenance of cigarette butt cans at dune walkovers and is conducting education and outreach activities to help reduce littering rates for beach-goers.

The Florida Legislature prohibits the enforcement of cigarette bans on Florida beaches, so the Broward County Chapter is working to reduce cigarette litter without the use of cigarette bans. To that end, the Chapter is partnering with their local government to place butt cans at appropriate dune walkovers, and to educate beach-goers on the impact of cigarette litter on our beaches and oceans.