Hold On To Your Butts, Rye!


Chapter: New Hampshire
State: NH
Country: USA
Theme: Plastic Pollution
Launch Date: March 04 2014
Status: Active

The New Hampshire Chapter is working with Rye town officials to position ashcans at several of the public access points to the Town's beaches, and encouraging smokers to hold on to their butts for a healthier ocean & beach!

The daughter of longtime Surfrider Foundation New Hampshire Chapter members, Steve & Kate Hillman, led a successful campaign in her hometown of Rye that landed the Town with a solid Smoke-Free Beaches Resolution.  This 7th grader, Isabella Hillman, was nominated by the Chapter and won the prestigious Gulf of Maine Visionary award, which recognizes innovation, creativity, and commitment to protecting the marine environment. 

The Chapter is now gearing up to support Isabella and her Resolution, to help ensure that butts that stay off the beach don't wind up on the ground at the public entryways to the Town's beaches...finding their ways into the ocean!