Keep the Milford Job that Handles Sea Level Rise!

Loss | June 06 2014

The Connecticut Chapter called on the Mayor of Milford and the Milford Board of Aldermen to reject a recent Board of Finance recommendation that would eliminate the Assistant City Planner position.

New England seas are rising at an annual rate that is three to four times faster than the global average.  Given this reality and noting that the Assistant City Planner position is responsible for helping navigate important and complex citizen services that oversee the flood zone and development reviews and help guide residents through the often confusing world of flood insurance and disaster relief, eliminating this position would be an egregious disservice that would leave the Milford community vulnerable.

Milford boasts the longest stretch of coastline in Connecticut. Maintaining funding for the Assistant City Planner will provide vital assistance to help ensure proper coastal planning that protects the ecosystem for future generations; maintaining this position will also continue to offer community assistance for safeguarding property and businesses, and moving through the process of recovery from future flooding, due to the inevitability of sea level rise.   

Unfortunately, the Board voted to accept the Board of Finance opinion to terminate this very important position.  We urge Milford residents to write to the Aldermen and the Mayor, expressing concern for this poor decision.  For contact details and more information, please contact the Chapter at:

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