Save O’oma—Kona Land Retains its Conservation Status


Chapter: Kona Kai Ea
State: HI
Country: USA
Theme: Coastal Preservation
Completion Date: November 18 2010
Status: Victory

The Kona Kai Ea (KKE) Chapter partnered with other local environmental groups to block the reclassification of the O'oma land from conservation to urban. Property owner Dennis Moresco and developers wanted to build a new project called O'oma Beachside Village on the last piece of pristine coastal land in Kona near the airport; so they tried to convince the Land Use Commission (LUC) to go along with their plan. This was the third time developers had tried to reclassify the land as urban so they could proceed with their projects. But after three and a half years of overwhelming public testimony against the development, the LUC finally decided to maintain the land's conservation status. This was partly because of fears that the proposed development would be threatened by noise from the expanding Kona airport.