Save Trestles - Stop the 241 Toll Road


Chapter: South Orange County
State: CA
Country: USA
Theme: Coastal Preservation
Launch Date: September 04 2005
Status: Active

The CA Coastal Commission denied construction of the 241 Foothill-South toll road extension through San Onofre State Beach in 2008, and the US Dep't of Commerce upheld that decision later that year.  The TCA has since reconfigured the  project in an attempt to bypass those earlier decision.  The so-called Tesoro Extension would bring the road from it's current terminus at Oso Pkwy to Cow Camp Road, which is part of the Rancho Mission Viejo development just north of Ortega Highway.  By splitting the road into separate segments the TCA actually flies afoul of federal regulations which say that a project must be evaluated on the merits of its entire length.  The TCA has made it clear that if Tesoro is built they will attempt to continue building further south and connect with I-5, but they don't want regulators to review the environmental impacts of that further segment yet.

In the meantime the TCA brought the Tesoro Extension before the Regional Water Quality Control Board earlier this year.  Hundreds of people showed up and provided comments to the standing-room only meeting, and the Board ultimately chose to deny their permit.  The TCA has appealed that decision to the State Water Board, where we await further action.  Surfrider Foundation and our partners have also re-opened lawsuits against the project for violations of CEQA.