Singer Island Groin Proposal


Chapter: Palm Beach County
State: FL
Country: USA
Theme: Coastal Preservation
Launch Date: December 01 2011
Completion Date: February 07 2012
Status: Victory

This Singer Island erosion control project came back in a third form: evaluation of groins and T‐groins as design alternatives vs. the breakwater design. The Singer Island Erosion Control Project covers approximately 1 mile of Palm Beach County Atlantic coastline (between FDEP monuments R‐60 and R‐69). The overall project purpose is to stabilize the Atlantic shoreline of Singer Island by trapping nearshore sediment and allowing accretion of beach quality sand. Groin Report: On February 7, 2012 at the County Commission Meeting it was voted to no longer pursue the project due to the cost to taxpayers and the fear that the project would not be successful.