# Every Drop Counts

Clean water is a resource most of us take for granted when we turn on the tap or get in the shower. Unfortunately, we have developed daily habits that waste and pollute this valuable resource. By changing our water habits—reducing, reusing and recycling water — we all can play a role in maintaining safe and sustainable communities, while restoring and protecting our coasts and ocean.

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Surfrider's Clean Water Initiative

Whether at home, at the beach or at work, we all affect the condition of our local water. It is our responsibility to help prevent pollution from reaching our waterways. The Surfrider Foundation’s Clean Water Initiative makes sure that every drop counts by providing ways you can help reduce, reuse and recycle water at home and in your community so that we can enjoy our oceans, waves and beaches for years to come.

Reduce Your Footprint

Turn Off the Tap

By turning off the water while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving, you can save up to 300 gallons of water per month.

Take Shorter Showers

A typical 8-10 minute shower uses an average of 40 gallons of water. By keeping a timer in the shower, you can shower more efficiently and cut these numbers in half.

Fix Leaky Pipes

Check the water-using appliances, equipment and other devices on your property for leaks, then fix and monitor them. Leaks can waste up to five gallons of water per day.

Re-Route Water

Installing a rain barrel watering system is great, but you can also disconnect your gutters and downspouts and redirect rainwater to irrigate trees and shrubs.