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16 wins in last 90 days

April 25 2012 | Beach access, Victories, Coastal development, Water, Beaches, Coastal armoring, Campaigns,

Surfrider typically averages about 30 coastal victories every year.

We have a tight definition of what is what isn't a coastal win, the definition of a victory to the left. We measure these to understand what is happening in our grassroots activist network, what strategies are successful and overall what's working and what isn't.

Last month I posted that our volunteer-fueled coastal network had netted 10 victories in the preceding 60 days. That was a big deal. I had never seen that before.

What's more amazing is that we've kept that cadence going for the month since then, brining the total to 16 wins in the last 90 days.

A HUGE congratulations to our activists and chapter network.

If we ever wonder if we're making a difference, this list is one place to look to see the results of our work.

The complete list, the 199 wins since 1/06, is here.

The most recent wins are the following:

First Coast chapter (Florida) beach access restrictions
Where: First Coast, FL
What: Beach access win
When: Apr 2012

Ojai plastic bag ban
Where: Ventura County, CA
What: Rise above plastics win
When: Apr 2012

Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve
Where: Oregon chapters, OR
What: Ocean ecosystems win
When: Apr 2012

Rhode Island seawall stopped
Where: Rhode Island chapter
What: Coastal preservation win
When: Apr 2012

Washington bill to support marine spatial planning
Where: Washington
What: Ocean ecosystems win
When: April 2012

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