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1st Annual Peter Cole Invitational

August 09 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

For some reason I've never had succumbed to worshiping idols or putting celebrities in a category that they logically didn't deserve to be in. That said, I do look up to people... people like my dad and others whose actions match their hearts. People that deserve to be honored.

Peter Cole is such a person.

Since well before I came onto Surfrider staff I've thought the world of Peter. He's not only a leader and teacher, he's an early adopter and an activist.

I caught up with him a few years ago and captured it on a podcast... and I've loved every interaction I've had with him since.

So I was pretty stoked to see a mail come into my inbox with photos from the 1st Annual Peter Cole Invitational, a surfboard water polo tourney.

Peter is one of the key players behind the North Shore of Oahu's resiliency, he's one of the reasons that country has stayed... country.

And look at that backdrop for this event! What better backdrop on the North Shore than Waimea Bay?

The event had three objectives
1. To have a great time
2. To honor Peter Cole for his life time achievements in a variety of aquatic disciplines as well as continued involvement in community issues
3. To support Surfrider Foundation-Oahu Chapter (all entry fees were donated to Surfrider Foundation-Oahu Chapter).

Scott Werny, thanks for sending the photos.

And I believe more thanks are in order to Ralph Goto, John Hoogsteden, Wahoo Fish Taco, American Water Polo Association, Mike McGill, Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter and John Nielsen for making it happen.

Enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches... indeed.
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