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2011 coastal victories

January 04 2012 | Beach access, Victories, Chapters, Campaigns, Activism, Plastics, Water Quality,

Since 2006 Surfrider's network has delivered more than 175 coastal victories.

A "coastal victory" is only counted when a decision made in favor of the coastal and ocean environment that results in a positive conservation outcome, improves coastal access, or both.

The entire list of our last 177 wins is here.

With this post I thought I'd share a brief look at the last twelve months.

Most of our wins were an extention of our Rise Above Plastics campaign. The goal of this is simple, minimize plastics going into the ocean. We accomplish this by going after the type of plastic with the smallest return and highest environmental cost, single-use plastics. Surfrider's chapter network helped drive eleven wins in this area.

The next largest category is Coastal Preservation. Six wins were secured in this category. A coastal preservation win is focused on protecting beaches, which are unique coastal environments with ecological, recreational and economic value.

Clean Water wins were next. We helped drive four wins in this area. This initiative is primarily focused on protecting water quality in coastal watersheds and in the near-shore marine environment.

Beach access wins are next with three victories. We believe beach access is a universal right and necessary for the public’s enjoyment of the beach.

Lastly, we had a single Ocean Ecosystems win. This is where we focused on protecting coastal ecosystems through a proactive approach to conservation.

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