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23rd plastics win, don’t mess with Texas indeed.

July 11 2011 | Victories, Plastics,

The image to the left tells the story, a single-use plastic bag printed with a phrase that speaks to Texas pride.

Don't mess with Texas... or better yet, don't mess Texas.


There is an insane amount of plastics entering our oceans.

To put this into perspective, the amount of plastic produced from 2000 - 2010 exceeds the amount produced during the entire last century.

The most common type of marine litter is plastics.

And so we fight to limit the use single-use plastics.

Less use = less trash in our oceans.

Right now, Surfrider has 10 live campaigns focused on minimizing the consumption of single use plastics. In the last few years we've logged 22 victories.

In recent weeks Surfrider Foundation Texas chapters came together and secured our 23rd Rise Above Plastics victory.

The Texas win is particularly interesting because it came about as a reaction to two Texas Legislators attempting to circumvent the normal channels of democracy. In this case the two tried to take powers away from local Texas municipalities. They were seeking to limit local rule on plastic bag ordinances. They failed in the Texas Legislature and this failure enables local communities to keep their power to tackle plastic pollution in their respective regions. 

Local preemption (taking the decision-making power away from local authorities) has been a recent tactic of bag ordinance opposition groups. This is the United States, it's usually never a good move to take decision-making power away from people regarding their ability to self-regulate issues pertaining to their regions.

Like most environmental fights, this Texas victory was the result of a joint effort. In this case all five Surfrider Foundation Texas Chapters worked together along with the Texas Campaign for the Environment. This collective rallied opposition to the bill from all over the state. 

This win will enable us to move ahead and for proposed plastic bag ordinances to be passed in Texas, joining South Padre Island, Brownsville and Fort Stockton.

Don't mess with Texas, indeed.

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