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50th single-use plastics victory

August 06 2012 | Chapters, Campaigns, Activism, Plastics,

Our plastic trash should not be in the ocean. Period.

It's bad enough that we use single-use bags and bottles for a few minutes and then throw them away (less than ten percent get recycled).

Perhaps the only good thing that can be said about single-use plastic trash is that it provides a visual reminder to us that we are polluting our oceans. We can SEE our trash.

The following list of coastal victories is one more measurement of the movement to limit plastic trash.

Cheers to the activists and volunteers that have pushed forward 50, count 'em 50, wins in stemming the tide of plastic pollution. More info on each here.

If you want to be part of the solution, part of our network... find a chapter here.

Listed from most recent to oldest.

1. City of Santa Cruz Expanded EPS Foam Ban, Jul 2012

2. Corvallis, OR Plastic Bag Ban Jul 2012

3. City of Santa Cruz Bag Ban Jul 2012

4. Oahu Bans Plastic Bags! May 2012

5. Solana Beach Bag Ban May 2012

6. Ojai Plastic Bag Ban Apr 2012

7. Dana Point Plastic Bag Ban Mar 2012

8. Austin, TX Plastic Bag Ban Mar 2012

9. Hermosa Beach Polystyrene Foodware Ban Mar 2012

10. Carpinteria CA - Bag Ban Mar 2012

11. Dana Point Foam Foodware Ban Feb 2012

12. Laguna Beach Plastic Bag Ban Feb 2012

13. San Francisco Expanded Bag Ban Feb 2012

14. Bag Ban Passed on the Big Island, Hawaii Jan 201

15. San Luis Obispo County Bag Ban Jan 2012

16.  City of Monterey Bag Ban Dec 2011

17.  Seattle WA - Plastic Bag Ban  2011

18.  City of Marina Polystyrene Ban Nov 2011

19. City of Manhattan Beach CA smoke-free beaches extension  Aug 2011

20. Portland, OR Plastic Bag Ban  Jul 2011

21.  Bellingham, WA Plastic Bag Ban  Jul 2011

22. Texas Bag Legislation Defeated  Jun 2011

23. Babylon, NY - Recycling on the beach (Gilgo Town Beach) Jun 2011

24. Montgomery County MD Plastic Bag Fee  May 2011

25.  Long Beach Bag Ban  2011

26. Maui Bans Plastic Bags  Jan 2011

27.  South Padre Island - Plastic Bag Ban  Jan 2011

28.  Marin County Bag Ban  Jan 2011

29. Santa Monica Bag Ban  Jan 2011

30. San Clemente Expanded Polystyrene Ban Jan 201

31. Los Angeles County Bag Ban  Nov 2010

32. Recycling and Composting Program in Bellingham  Apr 2010

33. Kauai Bans Plastic Shopping Bags Oct 2009

34. Plastic Bags Banned in Edmonds, WA Jun 2009

35. Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act  Jun 2009

36. New York Passes Bigger Better Bottle Bill  Apr 2009

37. Watsonville Bans Styrofoam Food Containers -  Santa Cruz  Mar 2009

38. Polystyrene Banned in Monterey Feb 2009

39. Styrofoam Banned in Scotts Valley  Dec 2008

40. Encinitas Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance  Sep 2008

41. Westport Connecticut Votes to Ban Plastic Checkout Bags  Sep 2008

42. Plastic Bags Banned in Los Angeles West Los Angeles / Malibu  Jul 2008

43. Manhattan Beach Passes Ordinance to Ban Plastic Carry-Out Bags  Jul 2008

44. Seattle Bans StyrofoamJul 2008

45.  Pacific Grove Polystyrene Ban Monterey  2008

46.  Plastic Bag Ban in Malibu West Los Angeles / Malibu  May 2008

47. Santa Cruz County Polystyrene Ban  Apr 2008

48. Recycling Bins Along Boardwalk in Atlantic City Dec 2007

49. Capitola Polystyrene Ban Santa Cruz  Jun 2007

50. Banned Plastic Bags in San Francisco  Mar 2007

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