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62 victories since 1/06

December 06 2007 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The global network of the Surfrider Foundation has had 62 victories since January 2006.

Here is a list of all 62, a map of the victories and here is a definition of "victory".

Let me share background and logic behind this number...

1. Surfrider wanted a very crisp, understandable goal. And we wanted that goal at the top of our newest Strategic Plan, one that could be as understandable as walking by a grade school who is in the middle of a fund-rasier and seeing that simple, ubiquitous thermometer illustrating their progress. We wanted that walk-by simplicity. We implemented just that, our vision is "150 coastal victories by 2010" and in the first 23 months for tracking we have 62 victories.

2. Surfrider believes in the phrase "what is measured can be managed". The "150 by 2010"goal is an extension of that mindset. One point worth making is that virtually every victory is the result of not only multiple people but also many other organizations working with us (or us with them). That's good, that's the way it should be as no single organization or individual will have as much impact as if they combined their resources. Our intent isn't to glom onto other's excellent work and take credit, we're simply trying to answer the question "what have we done... what have we really accomplished?". I hope every other organization is asking that same question.

3. Surfrider is so much larger than this simple metric suggests. The larger essence of who we are is captured in our mission statement and not this simplistic, quantitative barometer. There are lots of things not captured in this number such as educational outreach, activist milestones, awareness campaigns, etc. Still, we wanted a single barometer of our relevance and this one bubbled to the top.

4. We don't win every fight. As you might expect, we're also tracking losses. It's arguably more important to understand a loss than a win.

Check out the total list of all 62 (link above). They are all over the map, literally. They are the result of volunteers not only loving their coasts but engaging in ways that protect and preserve their coasts.

Join me in congratulating all across the globe that have made these 62 victories possible.
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