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#8: Keep our coasts… gorgeous

January 01 2010 | Beaches, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Today was the first day of the year. The ocean was glassy all morning. There is a nice, little swell hitting. I surfed all morning on perfect, peeling longboarding waves.

The weather was glorious all day.

A sunset to end all sunsets capped the day. This was a perfect, natural present to hordes of people lured to the beach. The ultra-low tide attracted more than the usual suspects.


Today reminded me of why I do what I do.

I work at Surfrider because of the pure, unadulterated joy I get from the ocean.

I support Surfrider because I value our planets coastlines and want to make sure that they stay as pristine as possible.

I'm a member of Surfrider because I want to make sure our coasts stay immaculate.

If you're not a member, today is the perfect day to join.
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