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810,863 petitions submitted in Japan: Rokkasho

February 13 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Volume almost always counts. When you're bringing an idea forward, a proposal... it helps to have 810,863 people behind you.

This is the case in Japan. The Surfrider Japan crew are working on a mutually agreeable solution with the Japanese government regarding the antiquated and harmful process that the Rokkasho Nuclear Reprocessing Plant uses that discharges radiation into the air and ocean. These are being dumped right into a strong southbound current that sweeps through Nori and various fishing areas. Surfrider is asking for the government to reconsider the situation and bring their technology up to date.

Last Sunday
- Over 40 SFJ members joined the 1.5 mile demo.
- Total crowd was approx 2,500 protesters.

This past Monday,
- Surfrider Japan, COOP and Fishermen's Union together collected 810,863 names to be submitted to the government.
- Over 200 people came to the submission and hearing, including many press and few TVs. The story was covered in several major newspapers.
- more

More info
- Check out video at right --->
- Read write up in this months Making Waves

Based on the hearings and recent reports, it is highly unlikely that the Rokkasho plant will become fully operational next month, due to the insufficient data and research which needs to comply with the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization's standards and guidelines.
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