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9,303 water tests completed in 2009

April 06 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Surfrider's goal is to have pristine coasts, and we achieve that goal through grassroots activism.

That sounds simple but it encapsulates why we exist.

So what does that look like in real life? It looks like the photo on the left.

In 2009 our domestic chapter network performed 9,303 water tests. We did those tests to ensure our beaches stay clean and our near shore waters are unpolluted.

There are two underlying details to this number that I find noteworthy enough to share.

1. 100% volunteer-driven.
Surfrider = coastal volunteer. These thousands of tests were 100% driven by volunteers. Last year this group did so much more than nine thousand water tests, they worked within our 70+ chapters to ensure local coasts stay as pristine as possible. Like all volunteers, the people that performed these tests devoted their time BECAUSE of a local issue, which brings me to my second point.

2. Testing is focused on driving change.
Think of Surfrider as coastal locals. Like all people, we have lives. We have jobs, homework, families... same as everyone else. Surfrider isn't interested in becoming a business that manages water quality. That's the government's job. We start testing coastal waters when we believe pollution is present. We kick into gear when things aren't as they should be. We test water as a tool to drive government agencies to do a better job managing pollution.

9,303 tests done. Those tests drive local victories like the ones on this list.

For more info, check out our Blue Water Task Force blog.
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