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Peter Douglas: Patron saint of the California coast (podcast)

February 07 2012 | Beach access, Policy, Victories, Coastal development, Beaches, Podcasts, Coastal armoring, Stories, Activism, Communications, DIY Activism, Modern Activism, Water Quality, Surfing,

It is challenging to point to an individual who has done more to preserve the California Coast than Peter Douglas.

This is Peter Douglas' story told in his own voice.

Peter was born in Berlin in 1942. From those early days, fleeing war-torn Germany, his youth was steeped in purpose. He has lived the life of an activist every day since. Along the way he helped sculpt the strongest piece of coastal protection policy (California Coastal Act) and led the strongest, independent entity to oversee the regulation of land use and public access in the California coastal zone.

Listen in on one of the most important stories in coastal conservation on the planet.

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