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A literal line in the sand, the Dave Rauschkolb podcast

June 07 2011 | Events, Beaches, Podcasts, Stories, Activism, DIY Activism, Oil Pollution, Water Quality,

Dave Rauschkolb is a man with a mission.

On the face of it you might not pick him to be the activist he is.

He's a Seaside, Florida local who owns three restaurants.

He's an entrepreneur. He is business man.

As anyone with three restaurants will tell you, they have their hands full. Add the fact that he has a wife and daughter and it's not like he has spare time to launch a global cause.

But that's exactly what he did... this is that story.

When he heard of Florida's upcoming decision for expanded offshore drilling he decided to literally draw a line in the sand and join hands with others to oppose new drilling.

I love his story. It's a story of engagement. It's a story of not sitting back and accepting the demise of his local environment. It's a story of intentionality, even down to the words he uses to describe how he wanted people to come together on the beaches.

This is the story of Hands Across the Sand. Make sure to connect with this event on June 25, more information here.

He and I caught up yesterday in San Clemente, listen in.

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