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A modern shoe made from ocean plastic

August 23 2013 | Plastics,

We've worked with Movmt (The People's Movement), a shoe company based in Southern California, a few times. Since they formed a few years ago, they've had a fascination with creating fashionable yet functional shoes while simultaneously educating their customers about the perils of plastics in our oceans. 

I stopped by their HQ a few weeks back and saw the shoe to the left. It's made of plastic... as in plastic found in our oceans and then made into shoes.

This woman's shoe is currently selling in upscale stores like Nordstroms. 

Again, it's made of ocean plastic.

That combination makes me pause, in a good way. Innovation comes in many forms and many times comes from angles we weren't all paying attention to.

Single-use plastics in our oceans has been one of Surfrider's single most important campaigns for a few years running. We've had more coastal wins associated with minimizing the amount plastic pollution into our oceans than any other category (we had over 55 wins in this category over the past few years).

I love that a company like Movmt is leaning straight into the plastics issue and making great products from what has usually just been categorized as a massive problem. These shoes tell a story, these shoes point to both the need to protect our oceans but also to have some fun with them.

Kudos to the crew at Movmt for making some cool lemonade from the lemons we're all pushing into the oceans.

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