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$__ a month

November 25 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I'm guessing that you pay somewhere north of $2 for a cup of coffee.

Maybe you pay more than that... maybe you buy more than one cup a day. Of course some of you don't buy your coffee, but I'm guessing you spend a nice sum each day on lunch.

Let's call it $2 a day for coffee... and $6 a day for lunch. That's more than $160 a month.

So how does the value of oceans, waves and beaches compare to this number?

Here's your chance to give.

How about $5 a month?

If that's too low, how about $10 per month?

If that's too high, how about $2 per month?

Plug in, invest the price of a cup of coffee with us every month.

You can do that here.

The program is called The Ring, think of it as an inner circle for supporters, complete with inner circle-esque access.

And thank you.
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