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A tall, cool drink of… sewage?

September 15 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The idea of recycling water has never been abstract to me... as all water is recycled and will be recycled... forever. We have all studied the water cycle  in grade school, and it made sense to us... it's logical. Water comes down the mountain or from the sky, it's either captured for use or goes into rivers and eventually oceans. Kids get this... they understand this... because it's logical.

What's not logical is for us to overwater plants that don't belong in a climate, hose down our cars and driveways with drinking water and then turn to alternative sources for drinking water such as the ocean. That to me isn't logical. That to me edges toward something I'd label insanity. We attempted to capture that with a few diagrams a month or so ago, check those out here.

Is the idea of recycling water sexy? Is "toilet to tap" good marketing?  Um, no. But the idea behind them makes as much sense as the water cycle presentations we heard when we were kids.

Take 15 minutes and read this great piece in the NYT from a few weeks back, check it out here.
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