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A team that plays together…

May 26 2009 | Stories, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The other day at the office, around 6something in the evening, Laura Mazzarella walked into my office with her drum sticks...

Maybe I should back up, in case you weren't aware of Surfrider's history and our ongoing interactions with music... check out the artists on the MOM CDs, look at Ed and Nancy's staff pics, read this post on Eddie/Jack/Kelly , this one on DIY and this one on punk rock environmentalism.

Ok... so Laura walks into my office with her sticks and says "do you mind if we practice?" (subtitle: we're going to be pretty loud, do you mind?). I was stoked and told her so. I love the fact the she kept her drum kit in Matt McClain's office and that there were usually instruments laying around.

Then they kicked into gear... as I headed out the door I think they were riffing on the old school Devo song, Uncontrollable Urge.

Yes we're an environmental organization focused on protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves a beaches for all people.

Yes we look at our mission from the perspective of the water, we love the beach and many (but not all) of the staff loves to surf.

Yes, we embrace the punk rock ethic suggesting that YOU can engage. You can make a difference. You can change things.

And yes... we rock. Especially the Mazzarellas.
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