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Active duty, redefined—the Manase Mansur podcast

October 30 2009 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I first came to know Manase because he was a constant fixture at the San Diego Surfrider chapter meetings. He was always engaged and always adding value. About a year ago he left the sands of Southern California for his third tour on the sands of Iraq.

When I heard he was back, safe and sound, I was thrilled. When I heard how he had taken our Rise Above Plastics campaign into the desert and
architected a large-scale recycling program within the world's armed forces... I was blown away.

The truth is that I probably shouldn't have been blown away. Sure, creating a plastics-recycling program in the middle of a war might be reason enough for that but... we're talking about Manase. One thing I've learned about activists like Manase is that I should never... ever underestimate what they are capable of and the impact they can have.

There are many levels to this man, I tried to capture one or two on this podcast.

Listen in as we catch up at Surfrider's hq in San Clemente. We recorded this and then walked into the most recent International Conference... and I watched Manase plug into that group as easily and seamlessly as he does everything everything else.

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