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Activism finally moves to the phone

June 02 2011 | Activism, Culture Shifting, DIY Activism, Modern Activism,

The One app (by Bono's isn't, by any means, the first app to try and drive activism to our mobile devices... but it does looks to be a clean execution of the idea.

Even one of the beta apps, shown to the left, speaks as much to the packaging of modern-day activism as it does the cause.

Open the app.

Decide whether you support the cause or not.

Look over the script.

Call the White House.

I love the simplified approach of helping people understand a cause and making it as painless as possible to drive campaign success and impact. In the campain to the left it's uber-clear. Success for this campaign is 300 calls to the White House.

A 6 year old can understand that and execute the call... a 60 year old can as well.

No. New, tech-enabled applications will probably never take the place of a person showing up for a cause. I don't think that's the point with the myriad of e-activism tools and services. I think the point is that if you believe in a cause enough... you will seek any and every tool to increase your impact on that cause.

This is... one more power tool.

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