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Activism’s core: Stiv Wilson podcast

May 05 2010 | Plastics, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I met Stiv a few years ago up in Portland. It was immediately clear that he was dialed into the local eco-braintrust. He was leading the local Surfrider chapter and one of the people behind Wend, the brainy action sports / adventure publication. The more I found out about him the more I was impressed.

He's one of those people that gets more and more interesting the more you invest in getting to know him. And when I heard he was working with fellow Pacific Gyre mavens, Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, to head to the other five ocean gyres, I knew I had to find a time to connect with him and hear more about what he’s doing. Here it is, Stiv Wilson and I catching up at Surfrider’s HQ a few weeks ago.

For more, check his profile on GOOD mag.

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