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Activists in the Gulf: The Mike Sturdivant podcast

September 03 2010 | Oil Pollution, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

File this one under "Activists in the Gulf." You can think of Mike Sturdivant as our Gulf of Mexico point person. He's the Chair of Surfrider's Emerald Coast Chapter, covering the Pensacola to Panama City region. I caught up with him on August 2nd to get his take on what had happened, how it was affecting the local people and environment and what was ahead for them. Interestingly, we were walking the beach and just so happened to pass a permanent sign warning us about potential oil and dispersant contamination.  Listen in as we catch up. Click here to listen. Other podcasts are here. Subscribe to podcasts via itunes here. And if you're wondering why I create podcasts like these, that answer is here
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