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Adam Werbach: Kind of blue

April 19 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Blue is the new green is the new black.

Yep, we've heard riffs on that before... our focus has been on the blue for a while; oceans, waves and beaches, Blue Water Task Force, Project Blue, Pantone Blue, etc.

But Adam Werbach is defining blue as something else, something more comprehensive. More Paul Hawkin-esque in the sense that there are more moving parts within today's awareness and activist issues.

In fact he's suggesting blue it's not green at all (or at least having the singular focus green has on the environment). Blue is focused on a myriad of angles into our present state on the planet. For that reason I'm not sure the "blue" moniker works... a more multi-facted name would seem to better describe the vessel of ideas he's offering.

Adam has me thinking.

Check out his new manifesto here. Listen to him explain it here.
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