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After the TV coverage is gone… the BP spill cleanup in the Gulf continues

April 15 2011 | Beaches, Oil Pollution,

The BP spill in the Gulf is old news. It's moved from CNN to CSPAN and thus lost it's audience. Yet the locals are still dealing with the long-term affects of the spill. A special thank you to Patagonia for generously underwriting the testing for Corexit and oil-related toxins illustrated in the last video.

This woman speaks to an issue that hit me hard when I was there. The locals are, for the most part, in tune with these issues. Tourists however are completely out of touch. When I was there, during the tailend of the ten week spill, tourists were in the water everywhere. Locals were not in the water. That ignorance related to potential exposure continues.

This last video illustrates the identification of Corexit and/or other toxins. These are being done at night with ultraviolet light, this is done to identify toxins.

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