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Algalita podcast: Anna Cummins and Dr. Marcus Eriksen

February 15 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A lot of people have heard about the Garbage Patch, a plastic-soup region in the middle of the Pacific Ocean whose size is frequently compared to that of  Texas.

A few days ago I caught up with anna Cummins and Dr. Marcus Erikseen from the Algalita Marine Research Foundation. The Garbage Patch was the core of our discusion.

Dr. Eriksen has the notoriety of being one of the two people to sail the JUNKraft from Los Angeles to Hawaii last year. I'll never forget when they left California... I wondered if they'd make to to Hawaii alive (the raft was made of 15,000 plastic bottles).

Marcus was joined by Anna Cummins, an activist for marine issues and Algalita's Education Advisor.

They are setting up a JUNKride this summer from Vancouver to Mexico. It's a bike trek with the goal of bringing the plastics message to the masses.

Check out the podcast here.

The Algalita Marine Research Foundation website is here.

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