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An inconvenient month

April 13 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Few things make my day more than hearing highly personal stories of people's lives and decisions.

Sometimes learning about a carbon treaty or a fishery issue can seem too abstract or too far away. Of course these are of paramount importance but they just don't have the immediacy of say... having a friend finally understand the single-use plastics issue. I think we all need smaller, personal stories in our lives. We need more tailored onramps into the movement.

We need stories, here's one.

My friend Lisa Randall surfs better than most people but she's also an enviro-entrepreneur.

She and her friend Meghan launched Rerip, an online site for selling used boards, a year or so ago. This site, by itself, is a wonderful metaphor (and tool) for reducing, reusing and... reripping old boards. Check out ReRip our here.

Now she's advancing to the next level.

She's not only looking at her personal environmental footprint but embracing ways to lower it AND share that story with others in the process.

She's going a month without her car and blogging about the process. This may be easy to do in San Francisco, Paris or Brooklyn... it's not very easy to do in Southern California unless you live/work in a very small area.

Check it out her blog here.
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