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An inconvienient month (sans automobile)

May 01 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A good friend of mine decided to not use her car for a month... here's her blog about that experience. Check it out.

Honestly, people like Lisa are my heroes. Sooooo much more so than those names we see on media headlines.

She is like the Surfrider activists I meet all over the world. She... they... are solid gold. Platinum.

The reason I put so much value on them is that they are... real.

They are not some sitcom star or a media-created persona... they are as real as real gets. They have real lives. They have real bills. They have real experiences that we can identify with.

Lisa struggles, as do we all, with what we can do... what our personal stance and role is... and she's experimenting with some options.

She's acting.

Read her blog.


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