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Ando and friends >>> inclusive joy

September 12 2010 | Art, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Last evening Andy Davis hosted his Coloring Contest event at our headquarters in San Clemente. There were well over 100 entries and many offered heart-felt connections with Andy's art and the coasts in general. The event was an extension of that combination. What rose above everything else was "inclusive joy." What I mean by that is that everyone was connecting with the art and with each other. Kids were coloring at the event... families were reconnecting... no one felt like they were outsiders. If you came to the event, you were welcome there. The second thing is that, like Andy's work, there was a simple feeling of  joy. Coastal environmentalism can learn a few things from events like this one. We need all ages... everyone... to find a place to connect. Surfrider's mission is the " and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches..." We need to always remember the joy component. We need to remember that if we want to attract and connect people we need to make our invitations inclusive. Super fun event put on by Ando and friends.
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