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Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project

May 12 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

We believe in onramps.

Specifically, we believe that there should be initiatives that speak to us as individuals... as unique people with unique tastes and interests.

I remember talking with TJ Marshall last year and hearing his summary of the event Barefoot Wine did with the Surfrider crew in Miami, Florida. In short the event was oriented around restoring a beach. Volunteers took out invasive species and planted indigenous plants. TJ told me how this event brought out an entire new group of people... people that wanted to participate in making something better (rather than challenging something which was making things worse).

There were five such events last year and each one had it's own... magic.

This year they are doing events in Montauk, Austin, San Francisco and ______ (you decide). And since we like a little music with our sand Tristan Prettyman and G. Love will be playing at various events.

Details on the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project here.
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