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Beach Fill on trial (literally)

March 08 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Back in September of last year I blogged on a beach fill project going to court. In this case when I say "court" I mean it was going to a trial.

Well, that all wrapped up a few days ago.

Cutting to the chase, we won.

This was a substantial win as this case involved the town of Palm Beach and a Joint Coastal Permit for the Reach 8 beach fill project. The ruling included language that denied this project due to the project’s potential to harm to environmental (beach) resources and the local economy.

As we grasp with the (sometimes) abstract concept of sea level rise and the concrete concepts of coastal infrastructure... victories like this one help enormously educate towns on what is at stake with projects that essentially amount to spending millions to pile sand on top of other sand, all of which will erode at an accelerated rate unless we stop building on and near the beach ecosystem.

This ruling will help reform beach management practices, not only within the state of Florida, but also throughout the U.S.


UPDATE, Great piece in the NYT today on this.
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