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Beachmap Wiki

June 10 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Grassroots efforts are wikis, that is they are efforts that rise and fall based on the collective value of their participants.

You can take that statement as meaningless tech mumbo jumbo jargon or you can take a step back and try and get your head around the opportunity it presents.

Anthony Lombardo who is a good friend of mine, built BeachMap as an experiment. We talked about the "enjoyment" side of our mission statement... and about beach-goers and not surfers. We had some dialog around where do people go to find out some simple charactireistics about regional beaches?

So after a few sessions, some coding and tweaking, BeachMap is live.

If you're going to Oahu you can see which beaches offer lifeguards or charge for parking. But more than that you can add your beaches to this (thus the wiki, built by all people).

We may layer on water pollution data or something else. Check it out and leave a comment if there is something you think it should have. Or let us know if you think it's a complete waste.

(Click on the graphic to get to the entire world)

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