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Become part of the solution, like Michael Sturdivant is

July 19 2010 | Activism, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

You may not have heard of Michael Sturdivant but in my book he is a rock star. When I first watched the video below it stopped me in my tracks. Michael is the Chair of the Emerald Coast chapter of Surfrider Foundation. The Emerald Coast is located in the panhandle region of Florida (near Pensacola) and smack dab in the middle of a region hammered by the 93,000,000 gallons of oil spilled by BP. Michael is off camera and questioning the nation's Surgeon General regarding relevant, public health issues. Michael is also a professional, licensed psychotherapist. His skills should be utilized to help understand this spill and its multi-year impact on the Gulf region. But the truth is that ALL of our skills and all of our resources should be utilized. Listen in as Michael sets up the complexity of water quality testing for toxic dispersants and oil. He comes at the issue from a few different angles. For those that don't surf there is a not-so-subltle point Michael makes which is that surfers are the canaries in the coalmine. We aren't boating ABOVE the water. We're duckdiving under surface. We are IN the ocean. Water gets into every part of our body. If there is pollution, surfers will be among the first affected. But he goes much further than a surfer's perspective. Michael talks about the importance of reliable information regarding the water quality and its associated relationship with public safety. As in the general public, kids playing in sand, etc. This video makes me proud to even be associated with Surfrider, because people like Michael Sturdivant are part of the network. If you want be like Michael, part of the solution and part of a network that gives their personal resources to ensure local health issues are paid attention to, then I encourage you to click on the donate button above and go to the local Surfrider, Emerald Coast website. Help them fund water quality testing so locals and tourists have reliable information regarding the current state of Gulf water.
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