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Between The Lines

May 28 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

The mashup of military and surf isn't new. Yet each time I see it I pause. I suppose it's because the two worlds seem to be very far away from one another. I also pause because somehow it fits... and I'm not sure I can explain how... beyond the fact surfers are seekers and if they happen to be in the military that alone won't stop them from seeking. Being in the military doesn't stop a surfer from being a surfer.

Between The Lines is an upcoming film about two surfers during the Vietnam War.

More interestingly it's about how the war divided them into two camps, two paths... two lives.

It looks amazing. It looks like it will fill in a bit more detail around those scenes in Apocalypse Now that climax in the line "Charlie don't surf!". That connection is a legit one as John Milius, of Apocalypse Now and Big Wednesday fame, narrates the film.

Check it out.

Images from the Between The Lines site.
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