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Big steps?

May 23 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I'm an optimist when I can talk myself into it.

It feels like that's getting harder and harder. It feels like things are cycling faster and regions are developing at a quicker rate. Yet that pace of consumption and (many times) accompanied destruction doesn't have a simultaneous force for conservation and/or preservation.

The equation seems off kilter... most of the time.

The world seems out of balance... most of the time.

Thus I'm stoked to hear the rumors that the Bush Administration is eyeing some potentially massive strokes oriented around conservation efforts.

We need to lift our collective heads and see what's happening around us.

We need to look up and understand that the vector we've set doesn't leave generations after us with vibrant fisheries or preserved open spaces... instead it leaves them with entire food categories at risk and lots and lots of malls.

We also need to understand that if we label 50% of the people in any room as null and void due to their political affiliation then we've just reduced our chances of large-scale transformation by... 50%.

Big tent. All people. All ages. All time zones. All genders. All nationalities. The entire world... these are big issues calling for some superhuman efforts.

I'm all for big steps, especially those that move towards preservation and conservation. I hope this rumor becomes something substantial.
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