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Bike to the beach

March 29 2009 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Before I moved to San Diego (the first time) I lived in Brooklyn. On Saturdays, I'd ride my bike to Central Park and back, taking photos of architecture along the way. I loved it. I cut my handlebars, narrowing them to better enable traffic-weaving. I remember it as oddly relaxing to jive and flow through the streets of Manhattan. The video below came across my reader and instantly snapped me back into that headspace.

What does this have to do with coastal regions?

Last year I sold my mountain bikes and bought a cruiser... and started riding again. Something about riding a bike makes everything seem more personal, more real. Life slows down. Riding your bike to the beach is something special. I'm seeing more and more people ditch their cars on weekends and ride their bikes as much as possible. Marty Benson comes to mind, he's part of the San Diego braintrust/guerrilla-activists... every time I see Marty he's riding his bike. I dig that. It's inspirational.

I could argue that it's a better solution for the environment (which it clearly is)... but I think the real essence in the value of riding a bike around the coast is just to appreciate it more... connect with it more.

Oceans, waves and beaches are more amazing at 5mph than they are at 60mph.

Watch this gorgeous video... and ride your bike to the beach.
It's Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo.
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