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Board deconstruction > construction

December 04 2009 | Surfing, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I heard master craftsman Chris Christenson had taken some old boards, ripped the glass off and reshaped them. I also heard he mixed in some thrift store fabric for good measure and, I'm guessing, interesting flair.

Embracing the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra in a whole new way.

I was just sent a few pics from Markus Mead in the Pacific Northwest. It turns out Bryan Bates of Seven Surfboards is doing the same thing.

I find this... wild.

Most people see surfboards as having one life and a subset of that group sees that single life as a fairly short one. The idea of reusing foam, fins, parts... is something outside the norm.

I know... this was done in the past when the shortboard revolution hit. More than a few people admit they took their logs and cut them down into some crude version of a shortboard. And of course we know that companies like Green Foam are taking old boards and creating new blanks from them.

I still find this wild. It's 2010. I don't know too many people with this mindset. It's notable.

The board above is a combination of foam from a mid-60s Dewey Webber and a mid-60s Jacobs.
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