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Bombs on beaches (stranger than fiction)

July 08 2009 | Beach fill, Jim's Blog,
by Jim

I've written in the past about unspent ordinances (shells, ammunition and bombs) ending up on beaches after beachfill programs.

It's happened over the last few years in the Garden State, New Jersey. Read about that here and here.

I remember when I first heard about this from our former Chairman of the Board, Bill Rosenblatt. It was hard to believe... truly stranger than fiction. Yet tragically true.

Then a similar thing happened in the Empire State, New York. Read about that here.

Now... it's happened in three more states.

Massachusetts, the Bay State, read that story here. Again in North Carolina, the Unspent-ordinances-on-the-beach State here. And one more time in Florida, who cares what the state motto is when there is ammo on the beach... read that here.
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