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Book: Wikinomics

March 17 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Surfrider is a wiki.

In my mind a wiki is a "collaborative effort edited by anyone who has access to it."

That's what I see when I look at Surfrider Foundation anywhere on the globe. I see members, activists, rockers, kids, professionals, moms, dads (a big tent filled with all kinds of people).

I see a very, very diverse set of people aligned around our mission. I see this group collaborating around our mission from many angles.

This book, Wikinomics, unpacks why this is the era of the wiki. Call it the overused metaphor "perfect storm" or something else but the truth is that a key set of enablers have materialized. I believe these enablers play well into the scaling and achieving of our mission. Spend a few minutes on wikipedia or sit back and grasp the power of linux and you'll start to see this.

Wikinomics is a timely book. It is a nice overview/primer on perhaps the largest opportunity facing Surfrider over the next five years. On the downside it's a bit of a constant cheer for all things wiki. But even with the unending din... it is a very worthwhile read.

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(used copies as low as $5).

Listen to it here (my preferred method).
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