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Bustin’ Down The Door

June 27 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

A month or so ago I took my daughter Allie up to Santa Barbara for the premier of Bustin' Down the Door. It would be an understatement to say that the entire surf industry turned out as it seemed that thousands of people were wrapping around the block and angling for a way to get in. It was one of those instances where you found yourself double checking to see if you were on the right list... as the event was obviously something not to be missed.

The theater was packed with exuberant surfers... and a few seconds before the film started, I turned to Allie and said, "this place is going to go off... it's going to be loud."

The thing is... that it wasn't loud. It was oddly silent through most of the film. Sure everyone hooted for the breakthrough footage at Pipe and Off The Wall... but more than anything, I remember looking around and noticing how... a thousand plus core surfers were totally transfixed by this film.

That doesn't happen often. It doesn't happen often because this isn't just another surf film. This is a coming of age story for surfing. The story is told in the first person, by those who helped put surfing on the map and pushed things to a notch above where it had been.

Shaun continues to be one of the statesmen of the sport of surfing but he goes past that. I caught some of those details on a recent podcast with him. Of course I should have expected excellence from any project Shaun was a part of... this one delivered the goods. Massive props to Shaun, MR, Bugs, PT, Ian and the rest of the crew that made this film a reality.

Here's the site and below is the trailer. Check it out.
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