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Bustin Down the Door   /  O`hana

January 28 2008 | Jim's Blog,
by Jim

Last night was the premier of Bustin' Down the Door, the story of Shaun Tomson, Rabbit, MR, Ian Cairns and PT inaugural runs to the North Shore... and the that events transpired during those first few seasons.

We tied the event into O`hana, Surfrider's moniker for donors who donate $2,000 or more per year. The result was a memorable night for all.

You probably know, Shaun Tomson has been Surfrider's ambassador for years. He has logged more miles, enabled more events and put his heart and soul into helping more Surfrider initiatives come off... than perhaps any other professional surfer. He gives a lot of himself. It seems like this is his raison d'ĂȘtre... he released Surfer's Code last year, when most of the world was just learning how fun surfing was (and not learning any ettiquite) Shaun stepped in with a concise tome on the backbone of a surfer's code. Shaun is a class act through and through.


A few thoughts on this event.

a) The film was noteworthy. The footage was amazing with some never before seen. The story was clean and tight. I was expecting lots of hoots throughout and instead all I heard was two thousand people silent. We were all transfixed. It was also done quite well, the fact that Bowie is on the soundtrack denotes the level of professionalism on this. Impressive.

b) The event was memorable. The industry turned out in droves. Curren sitting next to Kelly, etc. It was a veritable who's who... but also with a strong nod to those that have paved the way and formed the idea of a person being able to make a living by surfing.

c) A lot of people wanted to see this film. The theater held a stately 2,200-ish, the lines to get in were wrapping around the block and there was more than one person who drove a long distance and didn't get in. I share this to illustrate that this era, this idea, this film... resonates with people. EVERY person I spoke with after the film was moved, impressed and stoked. Insane job on this Shaun and all others that concieved, sculpted, funded and released this.

When you get a chance, check this film out.

For another view into this era and into one of the main players, check out the Rabbit podcast.
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