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Buy this book for your kids

July 15 2013 | Kids, Communications, Culture Shifting,

Every parent should buy this book for their kids.

If you're not a parent, buy it for someone you love who is growing up and facing those inherent dynamic challenges.
This is a book about love, commitment, stoke, faith and life lessons.
If Yoda was a World Champion surfer... this is the book it he would have written.

Few people have done as much for Surfrider's mission as Shaun Tomson has. He was there at our origins, graciously lending his image for our first ad. He has also been an active part of our mission at EVERY stage of our last 29 years. Shaun has lent his time, energy, money and resources to push Surfrider's mission of coastal preservation forward. He is a statesmen for the sport of riding waves in the spirit of Duke and looks past himself to see how his efforts can help others. While much of this book overlaps with the last 29 years and with Shaun's intersection with Surfrider, this book goes further.

It offers a beautifully written and packaged version of what he has seen, struggled with and learned over his life. 

Regardless of how much we know/knew our mother or father, we have all looked to them to understand how to (or how not to) live. This is  certainly the case with me, much of what I've learned and what continues to drive me is deeply connected to both my parents. This book intersects with these themes yet it's not a preachy "do this, don't do that" book. It's closer to the sage wisdom an uncle offers to a nephew who only cares for their well-being and future success in life.

I've never posted a blog with a title so commercially oriented, and I may never do so again. 

The reason I'm doing it here is because I've read this book, I love this book and I'll be sending copies out this holiday to kids I know and love.

Buy this book.

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